Girls of 7-Eleven: Article compiling photos of cute convenience store workers going viral

Photos: 7-Eleven Cute Girls/ Facebook
Photos: 7-Eleven Cute Girls/ Facebook

From a Facebook page compiling the hottest people on the BTS to snaps of their most handsome foreign teachers, Thai netizens can always be counted on to find good-looking people — no matter where they are — and now, 7-Eleven’s employees are finally getting their 15 minutes of fame.

An article titled “30 branches: Ranking the most beautiful 7-Eleven employees of 2017, along with their locations” (yes, we’re a bit disturbed by the “locations” part of it, too) is creating a buzz on social media, drawing nearly a thousand shares since it was published on Monday.

The piece basically compiled a bunch of viral snaps of 7-Eleven employees that made their way onto the Facebook page “7-Eleven Cute Girls” over the past year.

Yes, there’s really a page called 7-Eleven Cute Girls.

Photo: 7-Eleven Cute Girls/ Facebook

Although netizens seem to agree that the girls look pretty cute — and we’re not disagreeing — most people who have left comments are quick to point out they’ll take someone who can ring them up quickly and help them heat up a toastie over a hottie any day.

Check the original article here.

Photo: 7-Eleven Cute Girls/ Facebook
Photo: 7-Eleven Cute Girls/ Facebook
Photo: 7-Eleven Cute Girls/ Facebook

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