This cute conductor may be the only good thing about infamous bus No. 8 (VIDEO)

While she works on the bus route most well-known for the driver’s poor manners and habit of speeding, this cute conductor is rehabbing the image of bus No. 8 this week as she steps into the social media spotlight.

Maybe it’s her genuine Isaan accent or her endearing humbleness, but an innocent rant titled “Life of a Conductor Girl” by Thananis “Aung” Watthanachaiumpon has received over 265,000 views in three days.


In the Facebook video, the 23-year-old talks in her sweet accent about how she is proud to be a ticket-taker on the bus because it is a legal job.

“The traffic is so bad. I just pray for the green light. The weather is so, so hot. And it rains, too. Sometimes, we don’t have passengers.”

“When I’m conducting, I have to balance myself or I’ll fall over. When I was little, I wanted to be conductor, so I pretended to be one. I took a pencil case and rolled some pieces of papers for the tickets.”

Trust us. It’s really charming when you hear it in her accent.

“You should be proud of a job that is legal and makes you happy,” Aung ended the video, sharing a life lesson with her audience.

After the video went viral, she was contacted by newspapers and a TV show for an interview.

To top off this sweet story, Aung is dating another cute conductor, Ley-o from bus No. 44, who we introduced you to earlier this year.


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