Introducing cute conductor: Commuters ogle ticket boy of bus no. 44

After society has been introduced to a soapy bus wash boy and hot moto-taxi dude, here is a cute bus conductor to enhance your experience of public transportation.

Ley-o, conductor of bus no. 44, recently became a local media sensation for the second time after doing some part-time modeling, a career move that came about after his initial online fame.

Nithiroj “Ley-o” Akkanonpat, 21, was first spotted by bored commuters in September who took photos of him and posted them online, making him a bit of a local celebrity.

But fans will be happy to hear he’s still serving the public as the conductor of bus no. 44. Why? Because his family actually owns the bus company.

Ley-o previously told Daily News he had been working as a conductor since high school, all the way into university. He said he earns a normal wage without any privilege.

“First, I was ashamed [of my job] but now I know there’s no need to be ashamed as long as your work is upright and legal,” Ley-o said.

If you want to accidentally-on-purpose cross paths with Ley-o, he usually works a shift on the weekend from 7am – 10pm.


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