Ubud villa burglar busts out of jail, recaptured and shot by police while trying to bolt

All the bars in a jail are for nothing if inmates can just kick straight through the ceiling. Photo: Pixabay

Police in Gianyar, Bali caught an escaped inmate, but only after shooting him in the leg as he tried to flee.

AW, 22, had been serving jail time in Ubud, when he broke out around five months ago, apparently busting through his cell’s weak ceiling.

The young man, who is originally from North Sumatra, was jailed after being involved in a number of villa burglary cases across Ubud, according to reports.

On the run, AW fled to Jambi, eastern Sumatra to stay with a friend.

“During my escape, I was working and studying in a boarding school,” AW said, as quoted by Tribun Bali.

AW had essentially disappeared for the past five months, until police got intel on Friday that he was visiting his grandfather in Central Java.

According to reports, in Java, he was detained without a fight. It was in Bali, however, when he tried to make his escape. Once back in Bali, AW asked police to take him to Ubung Terminal to get evidence related to the stolen motorbike. But instead, he tried to bolt.

“Because he tried to escape, we were forced to shoot him in the leg,” Gianyar Police Criminal Investigation Unit Chief Insp. Marcel Doni said.

AW reportedly took two bullets to the calf.

After getting caught, AW says he regrets his actions and wouldn’t dare run away again.

“I’m sorry and I will not run again. Because my punishment has become more severe and my leg has been inured from getting shot,” AW said.

Gianyar Police Superintendent Waluya said that AW escaped from jail by breaking through his cell’s ceiling and stealing a motorcycle parked outside the jail. Then AW sold the stolen bike and used the money to finance his travels out of Bali.

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