Girl accidentally stumbles upon human skull and skeleton in South Kuta 

A 13-year-old girl reportedly found a skull and skeleton, believed to have belonged to a woman, in South Kuta recently. Authorities suspect the woman may have fallen from a height to her death. 

“We suspect the skeleton belonged to a woman. That’s based on the things we found near the skeleton. There was no identification around, so we don’t know if she’s a local or a tourist,” said Chief of South Kuta Police, Doddy Monza, as reported by Bali Express. 

Police said pink undergarments and a black dress were also found along with the skeleton, most of which was still intact. 

According to local media reports, the skeleton was found by a girl named Dewi, who accidentally stumbled upon the skull and skeleton whilst searching for cow feed near her house on June 27. She later told her parents that same day, but they did not take her seriously and thought it might have been animal bones, mostly because they were busy taking care of the girl’s sick grandfather at the time. 

“When I finally saw it for myself, the skeleton had been facing down. I was able to tell because I could see the button of her bra on top. It was only yesterday [July 3] that village authorities reported it to the South Kuta Police,” Nyoman Sudarma, the girl’s father, told Bali Express.

Authorities have questioned residents in the area, but none had reported anyone missing from their family or community. The bones have reportedly been brought to a local hospital for a forensic examination. 

“We suspect she might have fallen from a cliff, because it was found right by one, which is about 30-meters tall,” Doddy said. 

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