Free bike or photo with Jokowi?: Bali women choose selfies with Indonesian president

A prize from the president, that apparently no one wanted at this weekend’s event in Bali. Photo: Press Bureau of the Secretariat

In a real life game of “Would you rather?”, a couple of women in Bali chose to have their photos taken with Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo over receiving a free bicycle as a gift.

Bali residents Ayu and Elizabeth both opted to pose for a picture with Jokowi at a tax policy socialization event in Sanur on Saturday instead of going home with a brand new bicycle. Can you blame them?

The president does this thing where he likes to give bicycles out to participants from the audience at events, in an Oprah or Ellen style, to anyone who can answer his short quizzes.

“You can only have one prize. Get a photo or get a bike,” Jokowi said from the podium on Saturday, as quoted by Detik.

When selected from the audience, Ayu handed her phone over to the president’s aide so she could capture the moment on her phone.

The same thing happened with Elizabeth, the second woman at the event who chose her moment with Jokowi as her prize.

“I’m happy, it’s like in a dream. My dream has come true with this photo,” Elizabeth said.

“How come nobody wants a bike now?” Jokowi joked, before ending his speech.

Well, as explained by Elizabeth: “For the bike, we could just buy it ourselves. But that’s not the same for the photo.”


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