More than 200 people actually queued up just to drink some Gong Cha bubble tea

Photo: Gong Cha / Facebook
Photo: Gong Cha / Facebook

Six months without some good ol’ Gong Cha bubble tea is apparently six months too long for the folks who actually gathered en masse in a long snaking queue outside the Taiwanese brand’s flagship outlet at SingPost Centre today.

Reportedly, there were over 200 people in line — some of whom even queued last night, several hours before the store opened its doors at noon. All the time and effort spent for, we have to emphasize, some goddamn bubble tea. It’s not even the first time Singaporeans have had the taste of Gong Cha, geez.

But it’s not just any bubble tea, we hear you cry. It’s Gong Cha, you sputter incoherently, mouth overflowing with milk foam. Bugger off, we say. It’s not as if Gong Cha’s going anywhere — the brand’s opening more outlets, which means it’ll be everywhere soon enough — and it’s not as if the country’s lacking in bubble tea options.

Sure, we’ve respected other folks in their noble efforts to bring back beloved cult nourishments, but this is just pure overhype.

Listen, we know our food and drinks pretty well here at Coconuts Singapore, and Gong Cha’s great and all, but we just don’t get the “queue since last night” buzz over its return. Help us comprehend why anyone would wait in line for several hours just to get a taste of something that’s actually been around for years. Are we just old fogeys or are y’all just sheeple? Enlighten us, please.

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