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Awww, fresh. Photo: Coconuts Media
Awww, fresh. Photo: Coconuts Media

Coconuts is now online. Well, okay, not really now — we’ve always been an internet publication from the start. But what we have recently launched is an all-new, all-fresh app that’ll let you read all the latest news, viral happenings, food features, lifestyle events and more from the Little Red Dot and beyond.

With the Coconuts mobile app, you’re free to voraciously consume all the top stories from Bangkok, Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong, KL, Jakarta, Bali, and Yangon free from the algorithmic filter bubbles of Facebook and Twitter.

Yeah, yeah, you’ve got so many apps on your smartphones already — what’s the selling point of our app? Well, it’s best if you download it (on both iOS and Android) right now and we’ll walk you through the features.

Get notified directly about news as it happens

Follow stories from across the region as they unfold and stay updated with the latest details and news. As long as you’ve got a healthy internet connection (you should because you’re in Singapore), and keep your phone notifications turned on for the app.

Swift access to all of Coconuts Media’s original features

Oh, and you’re not just getting notifications on breaking news either. The app lets you read the compelling investigative stories, quality features, and in-depth explainers from our editors from all over Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. A Thai woman fighting to get sex toys legalized in her country? Yeap. A young dominatrix whipping dudes for money in sterile Singapore? Check. An exclusive interview with a diver who was 22 meters deep when the Lombok earthquake hit? We got it.

Optimization prime

“Can’t we just read your stuff on our phone’s Chrome browser?”, we hear you ask. Of course, you can, dear reader — nobody’s stopping you from doing that, we say as we gently stroke your hair. No, the app makes Coconuts’ pages look way cleaner, properly optimized for reading on mobile. With a minimalist user-interface to boot to let you switch smoothly from one Coconuts city to another.

With you wherever you are

In Singapore, most of our lives are spent waiting for something — for the bus, for the taxi, for the ATM, for our turn to order at hawker centers, for the train service disruption to end. Kill the pain of waiting with our app to get some knowledge instead of mindlessly thumbing through games and dating apps.

It integrates with COCO+ Membership functionalities

For our beloved COCO+ patrons: you’ll still have access to your membership privileges on our app. You’ll have no restraint in reading our articles, and you can keep up with the awesome giveaways/events that you’re invited to as a COCO+ Member. In fact, signing up with COCO+ is the best way to enjoy our app — it’s your all-access pass to everything that our site has to offer (including original stories!) for only USD3.33 (less than SGD5) per month.

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