9 things that cost more than joining COCO+

In the third installment of our promotional series examining the 7 reasons why COCO+ may very well be the most spectacular membership program this planet has ever witnessed, we’re taking a look at the bottom line. That’s right, let’s talk paywall price points, and other exciting stuff!

We’ve heard your feedback, read your comments on Facebook (love those) and we know that it hurts to whip out the old credit card to pay for content, even when said content is original, in-depth, challenging, and thoughtful.

That’s why we strived to find an introductory price point that represents the real value of COCO+ and is truly affordable. (This very low introductory price will go up soon. But more on that later.)

We don’t analyze your wealth to determine how much we can make from you (ahem, WSJ), and we don’t want to charge you an arm and a leg (we see you, Straits Times).

COCO+ is currently less than US$2.50 per month, but not forever.

We’re asking for just under US$2.50 per month for one year’s worth of unlimited access to all our content plus access to exclusive events, a ton of perks and giveaways, and more.

We’re constantly on the hunt for cool events and products that our members would love. We’re always thinking of ways to make life just a bit more interesting and entertaining for our members. We’re thinking about what YOU want, dear reader, and we’re giving it to you at the lowest price possible.

The current price is available until the end of June 2018. So, no pressure, but you might want to act fast.

You get what you pay for

Free, high quality, online content is increasingly unsustainable in our current digital environment. Paying zero for content means publishers are perversely incentivized to create more clickbait, fake news, sensationalized headlines, advertisements, and spam.

Coconauts, keep your spam where it belongs (on top of rice with a fried egg and Maggi sauce) because our content is fresh, juicy, original, and perfectly priced.

Consider for a moment what you can get for US$2.50 in your city, and think, could this money be better spent towards free and fair journalism?

Things that are more expensive than COCO+ Membership

  1. The Straits Times is S$29.90 PER MONTH. That’s almost as much as our annual price, folks.
  2. Netflix is US$10.99 per month and totally worth it. (And by the way, you should watch our documentary series HIGHLAND which is available exclusively on the platform.)
  3. A Starbucks venti iced latte is HK$43 (US$5.48) in Hong Kong.
  4. A classic gin & tonic at the super cool Atlas Bar in Singapore — which we totally recommend! — will set you back an eye-watering S$19 (US$14+). And at any nice bar in Southeast Asia or Hong Kong, a G&T will still cost at least US$6-12.
  5. Homegrown streaming video platform iflix is RM10 (US$2.51) per month in Malaysia. (But you should still totally sign up and watch our documentary series COCONUTS TV ON IFLIX.)
  6. A Grab ride from Makati to Quezon City in Metro Manila will cost you at least PHP250 (US$4.76), and WAY more than that if it’s raining and traffic is heavy (which is often).
  7. Two lottery tickets in Thailand will set you back THB160 (US$5), and probably more anywhere else. You probably won’t even win, but with Coconuts you’ll have access to non-stop winning content.
  8. A heaping plate of Nasi Padang from Jakarta’s legendary Sederhana chain is about IDR50k (US$3.53) and well worth it.
  9. A foot massage in Yangon is at least US$5, and worth every cent.

Act now, while COCO+ is STILL under US$2.50 per month

Like all good things, our special introductory offer price has to come to an end. As we develop the COCO+ Membership program and put more and more resources into high quality, original journalism, we believe it’s fair to increase the price…just a little.

On July 1, we’ll be increasing the price of the yearly COCO+ Membership to US$39.99 per year, or US$3.33 per month. Monthly membership will remain the same at US$5. Sure, it’s not a big difference, but we wanted to let you know all the same. For more details on COCO+ membership click over to our FAQ.

So if you love our quirky stories and think you could spare less than a latte per month to support original journalism in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, we humbly ask that you consider joining COCO+ for less than US$2.50 per month (until the end of June 2018).

Tell us what you think on Facebook or by email. We know you won’t hold back, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We sincerely want to know your thoughts, so that we can continue to improve what we offer COCO+ Members, and all our valued readers.

Tara Chanapai is Marketing Director and Thailand Country Head of Coconuts Media.

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