7 reasons why COCO+ may very well be the most spectacular membership program this planet has ever witnessed

Hello fellow literates and lovers of quirk, cray, and “NO WAY!”

It’s me, one of your lovable Coconauts, here to tell you all about our brand spanking new membership program and why our paywall is simply a velvet rope behind which COCO+ good times await for everyone involved.

Let’s count the ways, shall we?

  1. Paying for content is actually a good thing. It means we can depend less on the evil middleman that’s currently trying to sell your soul and surfing habits (Facebook), and focus on better storytelling without sweating the ad man’s dollar. Editorial free reign is what brought you here in the first place, right?
  2. We have amazing, original content you can’t get anywhere else. We not only bring you a non-stop flow of weird, wild, and hilarious news scoops, we’re doing honest to god, award-winning, original reporting. In the past month, Coconuts editors have done everything from climbing Bali’s Mt. Agung to talk to refugees, to nerding out in Singapore with Live Action Role Players, to an in-depth look at sexist discrimination in Indonesian job ads. In the last three years, we’ve even won three Society of Publisher in Asia (SOPA) Awards for our original stories, which you can read here, here and here.
  3. It’s affordable. For our Yearly Membership introductory offer, you’re getting all of our fantastic content (and a bunch of other cool stuff) for just US$29.99 a year. That’s less than three bucks a month. What is that these days? Half a latte? A third of a movie ticket?
  4. The new and improved Coconuts App. Only COCO+ Members will have full access to our fancy new app – coming very soon – which will allow for faster mobile browsing, easy commenting, and offline reading. Check out sneak peek screenshots below. For now, you can download our current app here, and you’ll be notified to update to the resplendent new app when it launches.
  5. COCO+ Giveaways. In addition to unlimited Coconuts content, enjoy members-only giveaways and discounts from the best F&B, lifestyle and travel companies across the region. Since the launch of COCO+ in March, we’ve already given away high tea for two at the Savoy Hotel in Yangon and tickets to the Sonar Festival and Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong, and the Gamarjobat Japanese comedy shows in Singapore and KL. Currently, we’re giving away a US$150 voucher to Bali-born swimwear brand 69slam and discounts on wine orders from VinoMofo to COCO+ Members in Singapore.
  6. Meet like-minded people at Coconuts Events. We’re putting together a full schedule of events across the region, with free or discounted entry to COCO+ Members. What kind of events? How ’bout a kickass Thai street food festival/concert? Or a Singapore street party? Or an exclusive screening (w/burgers and beer, of course) of one of our dope documentaries?
  7. TOTE BAGZ. Nothing says “I have understated taste, a rakish insouciance, a great sense of humor, and I can read” like our canvas tote bag. You’ll be able to feel the burning heat of your friends’ envy as you sashay out of the supermarket and/or bookstore. Look but don’t touch, losers. This is COCO+ style at its finest.

Jacqueline Raposo is the Managing Editor of Coconuts KL