WATCH: Comedian shows what a ‘Crazy Rich’ Filipino auntie is like

Tita Jeppy. Photo: Jeppy Paraiso’s Facebook account.

In honor of the upcoming film Crazy Rich Asians, comedian Jeppy Paraiso yesterday shared a humorous look into what an insanely wealthy Filipino tita (auntie) is like — while wearing pearls and what appears to be a bedsheet.

Tita Jeppy is known for her love for Louis Vuitton handbags. She could be slightly judgmental and gossipy, but she’s still lovable — well, most of the time.

Paraiso’s video has been viewed more than 25,000 times, while on YouTube it’s been viewed more than 1,300 times. It’s also on Twitter where it has received close to 900 views.

The video comes with the caption: “In honor of The Movie Premiere of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ on August 15 of course Tita had to chime in! because she is also Crazy Rich LOL! CHE!”

August 15 is the movie’s United States premiere date but it will premiere in the Philippines on Aug. 22.

“Che” is a Filipino word similar to “shut up,” which Paraiso’s Tita Jeppy character always says.

In the video, Tita Jeppy pretend-calls actress and former First Daughter Kris Aquino, who has a small yet pivotal character in the movie.

During the “call” Tita Jeppy congratulates Kris for landing the role. “You look stunning! We have to grab coffee sometime. Mocha frappe? What’s that? You don’t like mocha?”

This is a reference to Aquino’s much-publicized tiff with Mocha Uson, whom she accused of tarnishing her parents’ legacies.

See Paraiso’s comedic talents on display below.

His followers are amused, of course. Charisse Coronel asked if Paraiso was “wearing a f*cking bedsheet.”

Someone asked about Tita Jeppy’s missing Louis Vuittons.

To which Paraiso replied that LV is “too cheap” for a crazy rich auntie.

Jp Moreno said that he was disappointed Tita Jeppy didn’t sing.

Arasida Sali said crazy rich Tita Jeppy reminds her of other aunties.

Paraiso, whose Twitter account said he’s based in Virginia, has become internet famous thanks to his comedy skits. One of his more famous videos is a parody of how Filipino mothers and aunties act during Christmas.

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