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This is where we chronicle the latest and juiciest headlines, political fiascos, crime stories, traffic updates, viral stories, and the little things that matter in everyday life in Manila. We keep you in the loop when it comes to the most urgent and relevant happenings in the country we call home, applying a dash of humor when appropriate and necessary. Coconuts Manila is known for short and snappy pieces, but we tackle serious issues too, and we make them easily digestible just for you, dear Coconauts. Boring is never okay, yes? So sit back, relax, and enjoy our entertaining mix of updates about anything under the scorching Manila sun. From the most exciting political news to the latest in business and economics; from the happenings in the most recent basketball championships to the newest gadget available in malls; from climate change updates to urban development projects — Coconuts Manila is here to make sure you’re in the know. Whatever happens, please don’t miss our viral stuff, where you’ll easily find what everybody is talking about on various social media platforms. While you’re at it, check out our “weird” section too, where you’ll find pieces that will make you go,”Whuttt?” We deliver everything with our own Coconuts twist, so expect our updates to be fun, engaging and enlightening (sometimes). You never know when you’ll need a good conversation starter in the office, so don’t ever begin your day without dropping by Coconuts Manila’s news section. Go ahead, bookmark this page now.

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