Content creator Mimiyuuuh clarifies dating advice controversy, stresses self-worth

Images: Mimiyuuuh
Images: Mimiyuuuh

Social media personality Mimiyuuuh addressed the controversy surrounding her dating advice involving money after receiving criticisms from some social media users.

Mimiyuuuh appeared in a “Cosmo Challenge” video by Cosmopolitan Philippines on June 29, where she was tasked with giving her best advice on life and love.

One of the questions she received was from an individual seeking advice on how to make a former lover pay off a large debt. Mimiyuuuh advised that the anonymous sender should not be in a relationship with someone who is not financially stable.

In the video, Mimiyuuuh stated, “Never, ever date someone na walang pera” (without money). She emphasized the importance of being financially stable before adding someone else to one’s life.

Her comments sparked mixed reactions among Filipinos. Some agreed with her perspective, highlighting the significance of give-and-take in relationships. Others held different opinions, stating that financial status should not be a priority in partner preference.

Mimiyuuuh later released another video clarifying her previous comments in the “Cosmo Challenge” video. She explained that her statement was not about dating millionaires or billionaires but rather finding someone who is responsible and self-sufficient, someone who does not rely on others and accumulate debts.

The content creator expressed sadness over comments labeling her as elitist and someone who does not come from poverty. She shared her own journey, starting from humble beginnings and working her way to success through vlogging.

“I said what I said about not dating people who don’t have money,” the content creator said in her video.

“When I say no money, I don’t mean date millionaires or billionaires, those in Porsche cars. Not like that. Date someone who has drive, date someone who can take care of themselves. Who won’t borrow money from you or rely on you. That’s all I meant,” Mimiyuuuh added.

“Yes, I came from a poor background. But did I date anyone who didn’t have money? No,” she added.

“That’s because I knew my priorities during that time. My priorities were to fix my life, to think of my family and my career. And my priority was to make sure I was whole before I added someone else in my life. You can date whoever you want, that’s true. But if you can’t sustain yourself, your basic needs and wants, will you add another responsibility? Yes, relationships are responsibilities,” she said.


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