‘Where is it?’: John Regala accuses celebrities of withholding donations meant for him

John Regala and his former supporter, Chuckie Dreyfus. Photo: Liza Seguerra/FB; Dreyfus/IG
John Regala and his former supporter, Chuckie Dreyfus. Photo: Liza Seguerra/FB; Dreyfus/IG

Former actor John Regala has now turned against his former supporters, whom he accused of withholding thousands of pesos of donations that were supposed to be used for his medical needs.

Regala appeared yesterday on the show Wanted sa Radyo, where he said he didn’t receive any amount from the crowdfunding campaign organized by former actors Chuckie Dreyfus, Nadia Montenegro, and showbiz writer Aster Amoyo.

“Where is it? Where are the donations that they’ve received?” he asked host Raffy Tulfo in Filipino and English.

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“I didn’t receive a single cent from what they collected. I have asked it from them but they didn’t give anything to me,” he added.

Dreyfus, who also appeared on the program, denied Regala’s accusation, saying that about PHP115,000 (US$2,370) was sent to the latter’s bank account which was managed by his former assistant, Teddy Imperial. He also insisted that a breakdown of the fund was sent to the ailing actor, indicating the amount given by his donors, including comedian Vic Sotto and former Senator Jinggoy Estrada.

“We used what we have received for John’s hospital bills. There were also donations sent to John’s bank account. That’s where it went,” Dreyfus explained.

Regala, however, accused Dreyfus of lying. His current assistant, identified simply as Bem, also said on the show that they did not receive a breakdown of funds, and just copies of hospital and bank receipts.

The former action star’s erstwhile assistant, Imperial, also appeared on the show and threatened to divulge his former employer’s secrets. Tulfo did not allow him to speak, however, and said that he would have Imperial investigated because he allegedly absconded with Regala’s money.

Regala became the subject of a viral Facebook post that appeared last month which showed him in a disheveled state while sitting on a roadside bench in Pasay City. According to the man who wrote the post, Regala asked for his help because he was dizzy and could not find his nurse. In media interviews, the actor said that he has had to face numerous blows: his mother’s death, his separation from his wife, his numerous illnesses, and the abandonment of his relatives.

Dreyfus, Montenegro, and Amoyo came to his aid by starting a crowdfunding campaign, but the trio cut it short, accusing Regala of being a “very uncooperative and difficult individual” who has a “terrible habit of constant and self-abusive medication.”



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