Celebrities stop helping John Regala, alleging ‘constant and abusive self-medication’

Former actor John Regala before being released from the hospital. Photo: Liza Diño-Seguerra/FB
Former actor John Regala before being released from the hospital. Photo: Liza Diño-Seguerra/FB

Three showbiz personalities who came to the aid of former action star John Regala, who was found ill in a Pasay City village late last month, announced yesterday that they will cease helping the actor, known for his villainous roles in 1990s action movies.

Former actors Chuckie Dreyfus, Nadia Montenegro, and entertainment writer Aster Amoyo released an online statement saying that they will no longer raise money for Regala, who is suffering from liver cirrhosis, because he was allegedly a “very uncooperative and difficult individual.”

“In addition, John’s terrible habit of constant and self-abusive medication is something we cannot condone nor tolerate,” the group said, although they added that they have “no regrets” in coming to the aid of the controversial former action star.

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The trio said that all the money that they raised from their crowdfunding campaign would be given to Regala’s next caregiver, which should be used for his current and future medical needs. A “complete accounting” of the money they raised would also be given to Regala.

“John’s health problems are still far from over, and we can only hope and pray that he eventually listens to the advice of doctors and people who love and care for him. May he also spend the remainder of his funds wisely,” their statement said.

Regala became the subject of a viral Facebook post that appeared last month which showed him in a disheveled state while sitting on a roadside bench. According to the man who wrote the post, Regala asked for his help because he was dizzy and could not find his nurse. In media interviews, the actor said that he has had to face numerous blows: his mother’s death, his separation from his wife, his numerous illnesses, and the abandonment of his relatives.

Several celebrities provided financial aid to the actor, and he was briefly sent to a hospital for medical treatment.


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