Fil-Am beauty vlogger Bretman Rock dresses up as Darna for Halloween

Photo: Bretman Rock’s Facebook page
Photo: Bretman Rock’s Facebook page

Move over, Wonder Woman. Darna has arrived.

This Halloween, Filipino-American beauty vlogger Bretman Rock dressed up as Darna, one of the most iconic Filipino comic book characters of all time.

Introduced by Mars Ravelo in 1950, she’s the Filipino version of Wonder Woman.

Rock posted on his social media accounts yesterday a video which shows him donning the red and gold two-piece outfit while posing next to a black Mercedes-Benz.

He also wore a long black wig and played local band Kamikazee’s song Narda (named after Darna’s alter ego) in the background.

The beauty guru wrote in the post: “Bitch, ang bato.. DARNA!!!”

The caption is a reference to Darna’s famous line “Ding! Ang bato (stone)!” which she tells her sidekick Ding whenever she needs to swallow the stone to transform herself into a flying superhero.

Rock also posted the same video on his Facebook account and wrote: “This year I wanted to pay tribute to My Filipino Super Hero – Darna. Growing up I watched all of her [shows] and [movies] and I have always identified with her because she’s a bad bitch and she swallows balls.”

Well, that escalated quickly.

For those who aren’t familiar with the 20-year-old Fil-Am influencer, Rock is actually one of YouTube’s more famous content creators. He’s known as a make-up guru and currently has 4.3 million YouTube subscribers, 2.3 million Facebook followers, and 10.7 million Instagram followers.

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His Darna video has gone viral, garnering over 1.29 million views on Twitter, 3 million on Instagram, and 234,000 views on Facebook.

Netizens loved it, of course.

When someone corrected Rock and said that the sidekick’s name was Ding, he clapped back: “Do you think I don’t fucking know that?”

Sassy AF.

“Wonder Woman has left the chat,” wrote @ahiigao.

One user by the handle @paosoliss asked why Rock looked better than the actual superhero.

To which @nicolebluemline replied: “[Because] he’s a QUEEN.”

“Cole Sprouse is shaking,” wrote @dkaism, referring to the time the Riverdale star acted as Darna when he and his co-stars delivered a few memorable lines from classic Filipino movies.

Even Filipino-American actress Liza Soberano had something to say.

In a separate Twitter post, the beauty guru revealed that Soberano thinks he looked fine. Rock shared an Instagram conversation with Soberano, who will play Darna in an upcoming movie.

“Our New Darna also approves… I covered it (the photo) because I didn’t post that pic yet,” he says in a tweet.

This is the photo that Rock shared:

One user with the handle @lorraiinneee_ shared a screenshot of a tweet dating back Sept. 24, which said that it was better for Soberano to take on Darna’s role than to have Rock do it.

“Bitch give me the motherfucking stone or whatevahhh,” wrote @yozuph, poking fun at the YouTuber’s likeliness of cussing as he does often in his funny make-up videos.

Did you guys love Rock’s Darna costume? Leave a comment below or tweet us @CoconutsManila.

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