Is Neelofa dating again? Wedding reception photo fuels rumors

The Instagram story of Neelofa and PU Riz (left) and Neelofa doing the ‘Korean heart sign’ with her hand. Photos: Noor Nabila /Instagram and Neelofa/ Twitter
The Instagram story of Neelofa and PU Riz (left) and Neelofa doing the ‘Korean heart sign’ with her hand. Photos: Noor Nabila /Instagram and Neelofa/ Twitter

Fans are shipping Malaysian actress and entrepreneur Neelofa with popular Islamic preacher PU Riz after they were photographed together at a wedding. 

That photo was posted to Instagram yesterday by Neelofa’s sister Noor Nabila with a heart emoji, fuelling rumors that love was in the air for the pair. Many were quick to jump to conclusions that the photo of Neelofa and PU Riz had “dropped hints” about their relationship, with some already looking forward to them tying the knot. 

“AAA I CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR NEELOFA’S MARRIAGE NEWS. Last night’s wedding ceremony droPPED whole ass cluES,” Twitter user @Ridhwahhh wrote today.

Neelofa, 31, and PU Riz, whose real name is Haris Ismail, 25, were seen at the wedding reception of her younger brother Mohamed Aqief. Aqief, who is head of the Naelofar headscarf brand, was married to marketing executive Aina Syahira at the Sime Darby Convention Center in Kuala Lumpur. The photo posted to Instagram showed the duo chatting next to each other. 

Haris has since clarified that the Next To Neelofa talk show host merely asked him to say some prayers.

“I was asked by her (Neelofa) to say some prayers,” he said to the press today. But that did not stop the rumors from flooding the internet. The photo is no longer publicly available on Noor Nabila’s account but screenshots have made its way to other parts of social media. 

“I think Neelofa is going to marry the preacher because he wore matching clothes with her family during the wedding ceremony,” another Twitter user @_Natashaanuar said. 

“Okay i shipped Neelofa and PU Riz, so sudden, right? Nabila is giving a lot of hints,” @MamaJenon wrote online, including the video of Neelofa and Haris in her tweet.

This is not the first time the duo was spotted in public. Both of them worked on a charity event back in June. 

“We only work together, and have no feelings involved whatsoever,” Haris clarified about that event. 

Neither Neelofa nor Haris has responded to Coconuts KL’s request for comment.

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