Singer Nora Ariffin admits teen daughter made out with a boy on TikTok

Nora Ariffin (left) and a screenshot of teenagers making out in the TikTok video. Photos: Nora Ariffin /Instagram and @Zuher /TikTok
Nora Ariffin (left) and a screenshot of teenagers making out in the TikTok video. Photos: Nora Ariffin /Instagram and @Zuher /TikTok

Malaysian singer Nora Ariffin confirmed yesterday that her teenage daughter recently appeared in TikTok videos making out with a boy. 

The two videos were reportedly posted to TikTok by the daughter and her purported boyfriend two days ago but have since been deleted. Their respective accounts are also no longer publicly available. 

In an Instagram post with a photo of a sunset, Nora, 47, acknowledged that the 15-year-old had made a mistake. The singer also expressed hope that the public could give the family some space.

“I admit, it is her. As a mother, we try to do our best to teach, guide, and educate, plus give our children the very best of everything in our capacity,” her caption read. “But as human, we cannot run away from making mistakes.. she’s young……and she has many lessons to learn and a life to live. As a mother, I also have my weaknesses. I pray that she learns her lessons, be a better person, and move on.”

“And for everyone else.. give space and peace for this moment,” she added. 



Public displays of affection – especially among minors – are frowned upon in conservative Malaysia, including in urban Kuala Lumpur, where Nora is based. 

Some had questioned why online attacks had largely targeted the girl and not the boy. 

“Why wasn’t the boy attacked? Why was the girl the only one who had to face people’s wrath?  Don’t you all see who took the video? Just because the girl was a public figure, it’s easier to pick on her. What about the boy?” Twitter user @Mairachinnarat said. 

Others urged the public to leave the family alone. 

“Miss Nora had to deal with so many loss of her family. Please have mercy on that little child and for the sake of his mother. I beg you. Putri is a good kid,” @Rcklsd said.

Nora lost her mother-in-law yesterday, less than a year after her son died of an unknown genetic disorder in December. Her husband Johan Nawawi died of a heart attack three years ago. 

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