​Plan your 2015 vacations now! Taking advantage of Indonesia’s 15 public holidays and long weekends

The holidays may have just ended and the New Year just begun, but it’s never too start planning your next vacation! The Indonesian government has declared that there will be 15 official public holidays (plus four “cuti bersama” or collective leave days) in 2015 and planning now will help you get the most out of them. Because several of these holidays fall on Tuesdays and Thursdays, if you plan wisely, you can take a lot of long weekend trips with a minimal number of leave days used! 

Note: We’ve put asterisks(*) by the months with long or potentially long weekends to make your holiday planning a little bit easier:



Unfortunately we’ve already passed January’s two public holiday (New Years Day and the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad on January 3). But you just got back from the holidays! Save your vacation for later in the year when you really need it.


The second month of the year brings us Chinese New Years on February 19. That’s on a Thursday, so if you take the day off of work Friday, February 20, you can get a four day weekend!


The only holiday in March is the Balinese Day of Silence (Nyepi) on May 21, which is unfortunately a Saturday. Good to keep in mind if you’re thinking of going to Bali around that time though, because, as you might know, just about everything shuts down on the Island of the Gods on that day (including the electricity) with just a few exceptions. 


There’s a naturally occurring long weekend early in the month due to Good Friday on April 3,


A good month for vacations. It starts with International Workers Day on May 1, which is a Friday – so that’s another easy long weekend you can plan on. Then there’s the Ascension of Jesus Christ on May 14, which is a Thursday, making this another potential 4-day weekend if you use a strategic leave day on Friday, May 15. Also keep in mind that Isra Mi’raj Nabi Muhammad is on Saturday, May 15



There’s the Buddhist holiday of Waisak on June 2, which is a Tuesday. So if you take off Monday, June 1, you can get yourself yet another 4-day holiday.



Marking the end of Ramadhan, Idul Fitri will take place from July 17-18. In addition, there are collective leave days on July 16, 20 and 21



We’ve got Indonesian Independence Day on August 17, which is a Monday and thus another long weekend!



Towards the end of the month there is Idul Adha on September 24, which is a Thursday. Take off Friday, September 25 and you’ve got yourself another 4-day weekend. 



The start of the Muslim New Year, Tahun Baru 1437 Hijriyah is on October 14, which is a Wednesday. So if you’re willing to invest two-days off you could potentally buy yourself a 5-day weekend.


No public holidays in November. Bummer.


Of course, there is Christmas on December 25, which is a Friday. But there’s also a collective leave day on Thursday, December 24, giving you one last four day weekend to end the year. 


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