WTF! Old Jakarta man claims he has a magical ass that can lay eggs

The Kakek with the supposedly magical ass. Photo: Kaskus

People were gathering outside the house of a 62-year-old man named Sinin in Tanjung Wangi, North Jakarta, this morning. They all came to see if indeed there was an old man who is capable of laying eggs.

News about magical Kakek Sinin spread by word of mouth. Some people even claim to have a video of Kakek Sinin actually laying an egg (we, unfortunately, do not have this video, but will pay good money if you send it to us).

Kakek Sinin was adamant that the eggs he kept in his house came out of his anus.

“This one just came out this morning,” Kakek Sinin said as quoted by Detik.

Kakek Sinin was resting on his bed when he spoke to the media, presumably exhausted from laying an egg this morning.

The egg itself looked like an ordinary chicken egg. It hasn’t been confirmed whether the egg actually came out of Kakek Sinin, or if he just claimed that it did.

It’s white, too!

“Usually the eggs come out once every three months. But this month I’ve already laid three eggs,” claimed Kakek Sinin.

“This has happened since 1998. I was treated at a hospital once, and I even went to the police.”

Obviously we won’t believe it until we see the video evidence that’s supposedly floating around. But even if we did see it, we’d still have to ask how hard it would be to insert an egg into one’s anus and then ‘lay’ it afterwards? What about the eggs he supposedly laid – what happens when they’re cracked open?

So many questions.

Source: Detik 

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