Wholesome TikTok propels motorcycle taxi driver into becoming Indonesia’s ideal father figure

Babeh Ary (TikTok: @babehojol)
Babeh Ary (TikTok: @babehojol)

Indonesia has fallen in love with a TikTok star who’s got babeh-hood down pat.

Babeh Ary, who goes by the TikTok handle @BabehOjol (babeh being an affectionate term for father in Betawi Malay, while ojol is a portmanteau for the Indonesian words for motorcycle and driver), has become the ideal father figure for many Indonesians thanks to his recent TikTok going massively viral.

The ojol with an infectious smile uploaded the wholesome video on TikTok yesterday. In it, he says his daughter, Nindy, needs a laptop as she prepares to enter the workforce.

Ary then finds a friend who agrees to sell him a used laptop for IDR1.7 million (US$117.90). But to be able to afford it, he takes out all the money he had saved from tips while braving through bad weather and driving hundreds of kilometers to take ride orders, because, according to him, “If not for my children and wife, then who else?”


Ary surprised Nindy with the laptop (featuring a brief cameo of their cat), and the delighted daughter immediately used it to access an online skills training.

As of this article’s publication, the TikTok has been viewed 1.6 million times. On other platforms, Indonesians have been heaping praise on Ary for his dedication to his daughter and his family, leading to many opening up about their own father issues and how they wished they had someone like Ary for a father.

“There’s no longer a father figure in my life. There’s this empty space that will forever be empty in me … For all of those who are still with their father, be grateful,” one Twitter user wrote.

“I’m jealous of Nindy. When dad was still alive I never had such a close interaction with him. Now I regret not making the first move to have a conversation with him, even though whenever I saw him I wanted to get close to him,” another user wrote.

Some saw Ary’s video and were reminded about their own awesome dads.

“I will always remember the millions of life lessons and love my dad gave me. I am so grateful for having my dad,” one user wrote.

Of course, Ary’s way of showing affection to his daughter is but one of an infinite number of manifestations of fatherly love, so huge props to all the present and responsible pas out there.

Babeh Ary has become somewhat of a minor celebrity even before his latest TikTok video. The 55-year-old regularly uploads footage of his adventures at work and of his adorable and wholesome family life. Recently, famous YouTuber Baim Wong invited Ary on his show and donated one of his businesses to the ojol driver.

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