Viral photo shows red light at Tangerang intersection lasting over 700 (!) seconds

Photo: @abouttng / Instagram
Photo: @abouttng / Instagram

If you’ve spent much time driving around Greater Jakarta, you’ve no doubt not only gotten stuck in terrible traffic, you’ve probably also found yourself stuck at an intersection where the red light lasts for what feels like an eternity. But unless you had the misfortune to drive through this intersection in Jakarta’s satellite city of Tangerang, you have no idea just how long a red light can truly last.


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Waktu yang bisa digunakan untuk move on. – Cc: @abouttng

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The Instagram post above shows the red light at an intersection along Jl. Veteran 2 in Tangerang City’s Cikokol subdistrict. The caption on the photo says “The red light is too long at 700 seconds, residents are frustrated they cannot pass.”

The photo was originally posted 5 days ago by Tangerang news account @abouttng and then reposted by the hugely popular drama account 3 days ago, where it went viral and has received over 32,000 likes so far.

The comments on the photo are filled with netizens joking about some of the things they could accomplish during the interminable red light, such as go on the Umrah pilgrimage, record an album or find all seven of the Dragonballs.

According to the head of Tangerang City’s Transportation Agency, Wahyudi Iskandar, the problem was caused by a technical problem that has already been handled.

“Thank God, it was fixed since yesterday,” Wahyudi said today as quoted by Kompas.

Wahyudi said the problem was fixed immediately after his agency received reports about it and apologized for the inconvenience it caused.

Before it was fixed, could it be that this was the longest running red light in the world? The only thing we could find online were stories about a stoplight in America that lasted as long as 5 minutes and 33 second, which Tangerang’s terrifying red light easily beat,  but we also found a story about a traffic light in Germany that stayed red for 28 years (though we’re pretty sure nobody actually waited at that light for quite that long).

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