VIRAL: Mitsubishi-loving Indonesian parents supposedly name their child Pajero Sport

Like in other countries all over the world, it is not that strange to hear stories about Indonesian parents giving their children unusual names. Two years ago, a man named Tuhan (which means God in Indonesian) became famous after a picture of his ID card went viral online, followed shortly later by men named Saiton (which means the Devil) and Nabi (which means Prophet). But sometimes, it is not religion that inspires parents, but the style, luxury, cutting-edge technology and genuine four-wheel drive performance of a sports utility vehicle.

Such seems to be the case with this photo of a birth certificate, which seems to have originally been shared by the Facebook page of Mitsubishi Sun Motor Purwokerto (though the post has apparently since been deleted) of a newborn that was named Pajero Sport after the Mitsubishi’s top of the line Pajero Sport SUV model.

Screenshot: Facebook / Mitsubishi Sun Purwokerto

“Hoping your child becomes as tough and strong as the Pajero Sport”

According to the certificate, baby Pajero Sport was born on April 26, 2017 to M. Muis Iskandar and Novi Yanti. It also says “Hoping he will become a bright child that is devoted to his parents. Amen”.

The photo continued to go viral after it was posted by popular Meme account @yeahmahasiswa

“May you grow up to be a handsome boy, with soft suspension, not too loud and ergonomically comfortable.”

Now we could not find any hard confirmation that the birth certificate was authentic, so there is a chance that this is all just an insidious guerrilla marketing ploy by Mitsubishi.

However, it’s not too hard to believe that an Indonesian couple would name their child after a car model. For example, the regent of West Java’s Karawang, Cellica Nurrachdiana, was named after the Toyota Celica. There is also an Indonesian child who got three car brands in one when his parents decided to name him Honda Suzuki Impalawati (seriously).  


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