Viral: Indonesian triplets born inside Toyota Avanza all named after the popular car model

The Toyota Avanza and triplets all named Avanza. Photo: Facebook
The Toyota Avanza and triplets all named Avanza. Photo: Facebook

The Toyota Avanza has become such an ubiquitous car in Indonesia that we’re amazed that there were babies named after other car brands before it.

Well, the Toyota MVP recently scored a triple whammy according to a viral social media post, which details a mother’s struggle to give birth to her triplets, who she eventually all named Avanza as she was forced to deliver them inside her Toyota Avanza.

BAYI KEMBAR 3 YANG LAHIR NORMAL DI MOBIL AVANZA DIBERI NAMA "AVANZA"Senin, 27 Agustus 2018 adalah hari dimana semua…

Posted by Herbal As-Syifa on Saturday, September 1, 2018

In the post, the mother wrote that she began having contractions on the morning of Sept. 2. She was being driven to a hospital 25 km away in the city of Cilegon, West Java, but just 5 km into the journey, she gave birth to the first baby in the car followed by another one five minutes later. She was shocked that a third came out five minutes after that because she was told by her doctor that she was only carrying twins.

The mother was then driven to a nearby clinic where she and the triplets were cared for. The adorable babies were all given “Avanza” for their last names (many Indonesians don’t use surnames), as well as “Nazrina” for their first names with only their middle names, Khaira, Haura and Khaula being different but phonetically similar (good luck telling these kids apart, parents — you brought this on yourselves).

While we’ve yet to see official confirmation of the triplet’s names, Detik did get in touch with a Toyota representative in Indonesia, who said that the Japanese automakers are grateful for the honor.

“Congratulations to the parents, to the father Azri Prihatna and the mother, for the birth of their triplets in the cabin of an Avanza on the way to the hospital. We are joining in their happiness and pray that the mother and the triplets are in good health,” Toyota-Astra Motor PR Manager Rouli H Sijabat said, as quoted by Detik today.

In June of last year, the story of a baby being named Pajero Sport because of his father’s fascination with the Mitsubishi SUV went viral in Indonesia. Mitsubishi tracked down the family and gave them baby supplies (we were expecting a gift in the form of an actual Pajero Sport, but it’s the thought that counts).

Strangely, it’s not too hard to believe that an Indonesian couple would name their child after a car model. For example, the regent of West Java’s Karawang, Cellica Nurrachdiana, was named after the Toyota Celica. There is also an Indonesian child who got three car brands in one when his parents decided to name him Honda Suzuki Impalawati (seriously).  

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