Viral: Grab drivers cry with happiness after finding out they won company-funded Umrah pilgrimage trips

Pak Tri and Pak Supriyono, the Grab drivers who won the company-funded Umrah pilgrimage trips. Photo: Twitter/@Sask2a

It’s always heartwarming to see people getting what they’ve dreamed about after working really hard to achieve it. In a video that has recently gone viral, two drivers for the ride-sharing firm Grab were overwhelmed by happiness after finding out that they had won Umrah pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.

In the video, the two drivers, identified as Tri Mulyanto and Supriyono, were smoking their cigarettes when a Grab employee went up to them while recording the video, initially asking whether they knew about some of the company’s internal programs. The employee then asked them if they knew about Grab’s Umrah program for drivers, before handing them both a piece of paper.

The moment they unfolded the pieces of paper, the video became one of the most powerful tear-jerkers we’ve ever seen:

“This was my friend when he told the drivers that they won an Umroh program… I want to cry

Tri and Supriyono cried immediately upon opening the papers and then went on performed a sujud (prostration to God) on the floor, saying prayers for gratefulness. The papers read, “Congratulations, you’re going for Umrah”.


“They also took a picture yesterday, they look so happy”

Grab’s PR manager, Andre Sebastian, confirmed that Tri and Supriyono are their driver partners in the Central Java capital of Semarang.

“Pak Tri and Pak Supriyono, our GrabBike drivers in Semarang, were chosen to depart for Umrah as part of the next batch in March,” Andre said yesterday, as quoted by Kompas

“I also got goosebumps watching this. Congratulations, Pak. Fortunes always come to the people who fight #ImpianUmrahItuDekat”

Both Tri and Supriyono won an all-expense-paid Umrah program for Grab drivers, called #ImpianUmrahItuDekat (The Umrah dream is near), held three times a year. For the program, 200 drivers in seven cities are chosen based on their performance, and apparently Tri and Supriyono are among those who have exceeded the company’s expectations.

“GrabBike drivers with the best performance, such as low cancellation rates and achieving a lot of good reviews from their customers, have a bigger chance of winning the Umrah program,” Andre said.

Correction: An earlier version of this story said a group of 200 Grab drivers are sent to Umrah by the company once every three years. This is a factual error and we have corrected the article to say that a total of 200 Grab drivers are sent to Umrah by the company for the program.

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