Undying loyalty: Indonesian cat visits its owner’s grave everyday

Many of us have probably heard the bittersweet stories of Japan’s Hachiko or Australia’s Red Dog – dogs who showed touching loyalty to their owners even after their deaths.

But in Indonesia, we have our own story about a pet’s undying loyalty to their owner, only this time it surprisingly features a cat.

Back in February of this year, a Facebook user by the name of Keli Keningau Prayitno posted several photos of a cat that hangs around a grave. Based on what we can gather from Keli’s comments in the post, she used to walk past the grave every morning and she would always spot the cat near a particular grave, which is inhabited by a lady named Kundari from Kebumen, Central Java.

Keli wrote that she once tried to bring the cat home but it refused and remained by Kundari’s grave. Now before you say that this cat probably just happened to have marked its territory randomly around the site of this particular grave, Keli wrote that she has observed that, whenever it would get hungry, the cat would walk a considerable distance to Kundari’s home, where it would be fed by Kundari’s child.

Furthermore, after Keli’s post first went viral in February, many said they had visited the cat at the grave and gave it food. The post has had a recent resurgence in popularity after it was featured in Indonesian meme site 1cak.com earlier this month.

The next time a dog person says that felines are too self-absorbed to be loyal to their human mates, just tell them about Kundari’s cat.

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