Transportation Agency to abolish Meruya Metromini bus route after yet another deadly accident

If this morning’s latest deadly public transport accident proves anything, it’s that Jakarta’s bus system needs a total overhaul. But unfortunately, our government is merely reactive and only seems to want to make small changes when it comes to road safety.

Just like when they abolished the Kalideres-Jembatan Lima Metromini route following the crash with a train that killed 18, the Jakarta Transportation Agency is also planning to abolish the Meruya Metromini route after one bus ran over and killed a child this morning.

“Now, when accidents like this happen, we’ll take away the [route] permit immediately,” said Andri Yansyah, head of the Jakarta Transportation Agency, as quoted by Warta Kota today.

That kind of of reactionary measure doesn’t even make any sense (only shut down routes after there have been accidents?) and it certainly isn’t an effective way to prevent unnecessary deaths caused by city buses. Why is the agency so eager to abolish bus routes but so reluctant to get rid of all old city buses and their irresponsible drivers while they’re at it? Getting rid of routes without solving the root of the problem is not going to prevent more of these tragedies from happening.

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