Transjakarta considering female-only buses to combat sexual harassment

In light of the sexual harassment incident that took place in a Transjakarta facility this weekend, PT Transjakarta is considering a female-only bus fleet to prevent sexual harassment on their buses. 

“In the future, we’re going to try to introduce buses especially for women, after we manage to acquire enough buses to accommodate the needs of all passengers,” said PT Transjakarta First Director Antonius Kosasih, as quoted by Metro TV yesterday. 

Kosasih admitted that such a plan has actually been in the works for some time. However, he couldn’t offer an estimate of when we’ll actually be seeing female-only Transjakarta buses.

For now, Kosasih is imploring passengers to respect the current rules and regulations for riding the Transjakarta bus.

“We appeal to passengers to follow our rules, by which we separate female passengers and male passengers for the safety and comfort of all,” he said, referring to the current Transjakarta policy that asks men to stay in the back of the bus while women stay towards the front (but often ignored).

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