’Til diesel do us part: Gas station in Indonesia transformed into wedding venue (Photos)

Photo: Facebook / Indonesia Crazy Picture
Photo: Facebook / Indonesia Crazy Picture

One Indonesian couple recently had a Pertamax wedding reception (Indonesian motorists should get that) by holding it at a gas station of all places, photos of which have gone viral.

Facebook meme aggregator Indonesia Crazy Picture was among those who shared the photos, showing outdoor tents being set up inside the Pertamina gas station featuring red-and-white decor to match the color theme of the state-owned energy company.

Posted by Indonesia Crazy Picture on Sunday, October 14, 2018

As far as we can tell, the gas station was closed for the wedding so the bride and groom and their guests didn’t have to worry about any vehicles crashing their party. We wonder, though, if guests were instructed to smoke as far away from the gas station as possible for obvious reasons (smoking and Indonesian weddings pretty much go hand-in-hand — there’s presumably something satisfying about lighting up after stuffing oneself with an all-you-can-eat buffet of mostly spicy food).

And those huge loudspeakers by the nozzles? We can’t help but wonder if they pumped out music as bizarre as this whole set-up was.

All these photos appear to be real, as confirmed by Pertamina themselves. According to them, the gas station is located in Tapin Regency, South Kalimantan, and that the photos were taken as recently as last Sunday.

“That was the wedding reception for the child of the owner of the gas station. We were shocked because nobody gave prior notice to Pertamina about the event,” Pertamina Kalimantan Communications and CSR Manager Yudy Nugraha told Detik today.

Many Pertamina gas stations are franchised to third party owners, though Yudi did not say if this particular owner violated any franchise agreements by temporarily turning the gas station into a wedding venue.

Other crazy Indonesian wedding venues to go viral recently include one in a cemetery and another on a train track, proving that lack of access to an appropriate venue can’t overcome the power of love in the country.

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