A wedding, not a funeral: Indonesian couple holds reception, complete with dangdut performance, in cemetery

Photo: Screengrab from Facebook/Eris Riswandi
Photo: Screengrab from Facebook/Eris Riswandi

A couple in Indonesia celebrated promising to spend the rest of their lives together, presumably while being constantly reminded of the “til death do us part” part of the vow, while holding their wedding reception in a graveyard.

A video posted on Facebook by user Eris Riswandi showing a wedding reception taking place in a cemetery went hugely viral over the weekend. The video has been watched 2.3 million times at the time of writing.

Morbid venue notwithstanding, at least the guests still had enough respect for the dead (or maybe fear of vengeance from beyond the grave) not to dance on the graves to the super catchy dangdut music being played on stage. Heck, the singer too was seemingly aware enough of her surroundings to be wearing black.

That said, we kind of felt sorry for the MC who tried so hard to liven up the non-existent atmosphere that he even asked for song requests. He should know his failure does not reflect badly on his ceremonial mastery as we’re sure he didn’t choose the venue.

It’s not yet known exactly where this viral video was taken.

Not all wedding receptions in Indonesia take place at lavish, expensive venues. In fact, many people, due to financial constraints, hold receptions in public areas like on the street (often with the permission of village/district heads) or on empty plots of land. This, however, technically isn’t an empty plot of land.

One of the most recent weird wedding venue videos to go viral was a reception on a train track in Yogyakarta. Luckily, the particular railway on which the reception was held had been decommissioned.

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