Teen raped by son of Bekasi official was also offered up for prostitution: Child Protection Agency

Photo illustration.
Photo illustration.

The teenage girl who was allegedly raped by a son of an official in Bekasi City, West Java, was also offered up by her then-boyfriend for prostitution, according to the Regional Child Protection Agency (KPAD).

The victim, identified as 15-year-old PU, reportedly dated 21-year-old AT ⁠— the son of a member of Bekasi City Regional Legislative Council (DPRD) ⁠— for around 9 months. PU’s mother, LF, said that her daughter had often been subject to physical abuse from AT, who forced her to have sex with him, which she initially refused. 

LF eventually filed a report against AT last week, though the latter reportedly kept pushing PU to withdraw it through Whatsapp messages. According to LF, PU contracted a sexually transmitted disease (STD), which she supposedly became aware of following the rape. PU had to receive intensive medical treatment as a result, and she recently went through surgery to remove a lump in her genital area.

KPAD has since provided PU with counseling. Novrian, a commissioner from the agency, said that PU was also a victim of underage prostitution.

“This is based on the victim’s admission. She admitted that she could serve four to five people a day,” Novrian said yesterday.

AT allegedly offered the the illicit services with PU through MiChat, a messaging app that has been associated with online sex work in Indonesia. He allegedly facilitated the illicit service from a room at a boarding house (kost), where PU was instructed to just remain inside and serve the clients.

“There was clearly a manipulation because the child (PU) is not yet an adult, be it psychologically or socially.”

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One thought on “Teen raped by son of Bekasi official was also offered up for prostitution: Child Protection Agency

  1. The mother need to be investigated as well. Why did she allow her underage daughter to date the guy for 9 months? Was she blind that she couldn’t see the state of her daughter over 9 months? Did she benefit from the prostitution?

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