Starting Tomorrow, Electronic Road Pricing System Will Be Tested on Jalan Rasuna Said For 3 Months

An ERP gate in Singapore

Tomorrow, the city administration will begin testing the Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system on Jl. Rasuna Said in Kuningan. The ERP gate stands close to the Setiabudi One building, on the side of the road leading to Menteng. 

ERP systems are used in many countries, such as Singapore, to automatically charge drivers for entering certain parts of the city in a bid to decrease private car use. Obviously, such a system could only help ease Jakarta’s horrid gridlock. But don’t worry about having to pay extra if your commute takes you through Kuningan just yet.  

“Tomorrow we start a test run in Kuningan for the next three months,” said Muhammad Akbar Head of Jakarta’s Transportation Agency, at City Hall on Monday. 

Muhammad added that there would be 100 On Board Units (OBU) used during the testing period. OBU have been distributed to Transportation Department-owned vehicles, private citizens and also the company conduct the trial, Q-Free. 

“The OBUs will be given for free during the trial period, but when it’s officially implemented later, they will have tobe purchased by the owner of the vehicle,” he explained. 

The ERP system being tested, which comes from a company in Norway, is not much different to that of the one produced by Kapsch, a Swedish company, which has been tested along Sudirman

The main goal of this test period is to see if the sensor system in the ERP gate can accurately sense the OBUs placed on the vehicles. But the system of automatic payments and fines have not been implemented for these tests.


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