‘She can cook’: Indonesian man finds love, heartbreak, and viral fame in ‘marriage’ with rice cooker

“Fair-skinned, quiet, obedient, doesn’t talk much, good at cooking,” are what many old fashioned men in Indonesia would look for in a partner. But for one shitposter from Central Java, these qualities are found in a rice cooker ⁠— a ubiquitous household appliance in the country.

Khoirul Anam has found viral fame in Indonesia recently when he “married” his rice cooker, as documented in the series of photos he posted on Facebook.  

“Not to mention warm… without you my rice isn’t cooked,” the caption reads.

In one photo, Anam is seen shaking hands with a wedding official during ijab kabul (wedding solemnization) and signing the marriage certificate afterwards with his rice cooker wife, which donned a veil, by his side.

The newly-married man then posed with his rice cooker wife for the camera, with a smile hopeful for a warm and well-fed married life ahead. 

Sadly, the marriage ended just four days later.

“Disappointed, Khoirul Anam decided to divorce the magic jar because the wife can only cook rice but not vegetables,” the caption under the photo reads.

Anam’s posts have widely circulated online, with a repost of his photos on Twitter reaching nearly 15,000 retweets and over 44,300 likes.

Speaking to Coconuts, Anam said that he didn’t expect his photos ⁠— which he described as a satire of how men idealize women in Indonesia ⁠— would go viral. 

“There are many jokes out there about [the ideal woman] such as, ‘look for a wife who has fair skin, is quiet, good at cooking’… [these things] are coincidentally qualities that rice cookers possess,” Anam said. 

As for the costume, Anam said he borrowed it from a friend, who is a makeup artist specializing in traditional weddings.

Anam quite prominently posts his comedic photo shoots and photo edits, which he usually tags with the hashtag #SenimanFotoNyeleneh (quirky photo artist). His efforts have proved fruitful, as he has amassed over 22,500 followers on Instagram and 59,841 followers on Facebook.

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