Serial semen flinger in W. Java confesses to groping women’s breasts, may face 10 years in prison

A photo of the alleged semen flinger taken by one of his victims, a 43-year-old woman identified by her initials LR. Photo: Facebook
A photo of the alleged semen flinger taken by one of his victims, a 43-year-old woman identified by her initials LR. Photo: Facebook

Police in the city of Tasikmalaya, West Java yesterday arrested a man who allegedly flung his semen at several women after masturbating in front of them in public. After his arrest however, the suspect confessed to another kind of sexual harassment, which could see him get a much longer prison sentence.

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The suspect, identified by his initials SN (25), was arrested at his home yesterday afternoon. Police initially charged him with public indecency under the criminal code, which is punishable by up to two years and eight months in prison, for the semen flinging. 

However, during questioning, SN confessed to the police that over the past few weeks, he had groped unsuspecting women’s breasts in public before driving away on his motorcycle. Police said that SN’s confession matches complaints by citizens who had been bothered by a spate of breast gropings in the city lately.

“The suspect may be charged with numerous violations. After confessing to the semen flinging, there is also a suspicion for a pornography-related crime,” Tasikmalaya Police Crime Investigation Department Head Dadang Sudiantoro told Kompas today.

Specifically, police said that SN’s actions constituted violations of the Pornography Law, which could see him imprisoned for up to 10 years and/or fined IDR5 billion (US$355,025) if convicted.

Police say they have established that SN masturbated in front of and flung his semen at seven women so far, but that number may increase during the investigation. It’s not yet known how many women had their breasts groped by SN.

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