Police in hunt for alleged serial semen flinger targeting women in West Java

A photo of the alleged semen flinger taken by one of his victims, a 43-year-old woman identified by her initials LR. Photo: Facebook
A photo of the alleged semen flinger taken by one of his victims, a 43-year-old woman identified by her initials LR. Photo: Facebook

Update: Tasikmalaya Police say they have arrested the alleged semen flinger at his home on Monday afternoon. The man has been taken in for questioning but no charges against him have been announced yet.

Police in Tasikmalaya, West Java are searching for a man accused of masturbating and flinging his semen at women in the city.

The latest incident allegedly occurred last Wednesday, when a 43-year-old woman, identified by her initials LR, was waiting for a friend on the side of a road in the afternoon. 

“[The culprit] came by on his motorcycle. He asked a few questions, then he put his hand in his pants while staring at me,” LR told Radar Tasikmalaya yesterday.

LR said she called her husband while the man appeared to be masturbating. She also took a photo of the man before he directed expletives at her and flung some fluid from his hand at her, which she managed to dodge.

“I thought it was spit, but it turned out to be semen. He drove off after flinging it. My friend who later came by also said it was semen,” she said.

LR told her husband, who is identified by his initials RF, about the incident. Angered, RF posted the photo with a caption detailing the incident on Facebook in the hopes of finding the alleged perpetrator. 

After RF’s post went viral, dozens of women reportedly came forward to say that they, too, were attacked in a similar way recently. One alleged victim, a 26-year-old woman identified by her initials ND, said she was standing on the side of the road when the man rode by on his motorcycle and flung semen at her despite the area being crowded at the time.

One user replied to RF’s post with the alleged culprit’s identity and address. However, when RF and his friends went to the address, the alleged culprit was not at home. RF then filed a police complaint on Thursday.

The Tasikmalaya Police say they have the identity of the alleged culprit, who is believed to be a man in his 20s, and is in the process of tracking him down.

“The people of Tasikmalaya do not have to be worried, leave it to us, the police, to uncover this case,” Tasikmalaya Police Chief Anom Karibianto told Detik this morning.

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