‘Selfie tourism’ spot in Bandung accused of plagiarizing iconic designs from abroad for its art installations

“Love Light”, an art installation at “selfie tourism” spot Rabbit Town in the Indonesian city of Bandung, is accused to be directly plagiarized from Chris Burden’s “Urban Lights” at the LA County Museum of Art. Photo: Instagram/@rabbittown.id

A self-described “selfie tourism” spot (ugh, we know) in the city of Bandung is in the middle of a plagiarism controversy, as it appears its vivaciously colorful installation of art exhibits aren’t exactly unique to the location.

Rabbit Town, which opened in January this year, admittedly sounds like a fantastic recreational spot for the whole family, filled with games and cute animals (bunnies!). But its main attraction is its art installations, which as one netizen pointed out, in a now viral thread on Twitter, are dead ringers for iconic art installations from abroad.

This installation, for example, called the “Patricco Sticker Room” at Rabbit Town, is seemingly an exact replica in both form and function of celebrated Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, who held an exhibition at the National Gallery Singapore last year.

These two frozen delights-inspired installations are clearly identical to the originals at the Museum of Ice Cream in LA.


Still from LA, Chris Burden’s famous “Urban Lights” were seemingly replicated for Rabbit Town’s “Love Light” (sic).

As the netizen pointed out in another tweet, it’s ironic that these ripoff exhibits are in Bandung, since the West Java capital is often touted as a hub for creative minds.

Reproducing famous works of art isn’t always frowned upon (take Shenzhen’s Window of the World theme park, for example), but at the very least, the maker of the reproduction must acknowledge where they copied/drew inspiration from. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Rabbit Town, as Diet Prada, an Instagram account famous for calling out fashion copies from around the world, pointed out:

Comments on Rabbit Town’s Instagram account are turned off (smart move), though it’s not known if that has anything to do with the plagiarism scandal.

Rabbit Town has not released any statement regarding the accusations. Coconuts Jakarta has reached out to them for comment.

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