Police investigating teenage boy’s egg-laying claim for possible child abuse

An X-Ray showing an egg-shaped object nesting in a teenager’s rectum in Indonesia. Photo: Twitter

While many have laughed about the story of a 14-year-old Indonesian boy who claims that he has laid 20 eggs since 2015, the claim could actually have very serious and disturbing implications for the teenager.

Doctors at Syekh Yusuf Hospital in Gowa, South Sulawesi, where 14-year-old Akmal is being inspected, have diagnosed him with “corpus alienum”, which is a medical term for the presence of foreign objects in one’s body, thus eliminating the possibility that Akmal himself somehow magically produced the eggs in his body.

Based on this diagnosis, the Gowa Police have sent a team from the Child Protection Unit (PPA) to investigate Akmal’s case, as having someone else inserting the eggs into his body would constitute child abuse.

“Today we are starting the investigation, which is handled by the PPA because the subject is a minor,” said Gowa Police Chief Shinto Silitonga, as quoted by Kompas yesterday.

“We will find out how the eggs got inside the victim’s body using a scientific approach, not a magical one.”

The police are going to be working closely with medical experts to determine what exactly happened to Akmal.

“If we speak in scientific terms, the eggs were deliberately inserted through the anus and the way they were inserted is up to the police to investigate,” said dr Ratnah Latief of the Syekh Yusuf Hospital.

Ratna added that the hospital is certain that Akmal didn’t produce the eggs in his body as the eggs that he supposedly laid 2 years ago were inspected in their lab and found to be nothing more than ordinary chicken eggs.

In 2015, Akmal made headlines after he claimed that he laid seven eggs in a week. Back then, medical experts were baffled to see the existence of an object similar in shape and size to a chicken egg nesting in his rectum, and no explanation for the eggs-traordinary claim was given.

Now, almost three years later, Akmal is back in hospital claiming that he has laid 20 more eggs since. His father denied that the eggs were deliberately inserted into Akmal one way or another before he “laid” them. He also seems to subscribe to a supernatural explanation to the supposed phenomenon, saying that Akmal first laid an egg a few years ago the day after his mother had a strange dream in which she saw a huge tree with continually growing branches that eventually covered the entire world.

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