​The Curse of the Egg returns: 12-year-old boy lays 7 eggs, doctors baffled

Can Akmal actually lay eggs like these, or is he just full of it?

We’ve been through this before with Kakek Sinin, an old man who claimed he could lay eggs out of his anus. But medical experts soon established that Kakek Sinin was simply full of shit, as it’s impossible for humans to lay eggs (duh).  

But now, the egg-laying curse has passed on to a new victim. Akmal, a 12-year-old boy from a village in the Gowa Regency of South Sulawesi, claims he has laid seven eggs since last week.

Akmal was taken to be examined at the Syech Yusuf Sungguminasa Regional Hospital yesterday morning. After going through an x-ray scan, medical experts were baffled to see an object similar in shape and size to a chicken egg nesting in Akmal’s pelvic area.

An hour later, Akmal supposedly laid the egg. In the hospital.

The medical team at the hospital was lost for an explanation.

“The current diagnosis is that this is a case of corpus alienium, but the cause of the presence of this alien object can’t be explained by any theory in the medical world,” said Dr Ferliyani, one of the doctors who examined Akmal, as quoted by Kompas yesterday. 

The seven eggs that Akmal allegedly laid are now being examined by experts at the hospital.

Is Akmal a sign that we’re evolving into X-Men like mutants, or did he shove a chicken egg up his anus before he got himself checked out at the hospital? Only time will tell.

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