Police find active grenade wrapped in plastic in front of Pecenongan police station in Central Jakarta

Photo illustration
Photo illustration

A grenade was found in front of the Pecenongan Subdistrict Police Station in Gambir, Central Jakarta, today. The grenade was wrapped in plastic and, according to police, was still active when it was discovered.

Jakarta Police Deputy Chief Asep Guntur Rahayu said an officer named Pak Rasjo originally came across the package in front of the station’s door.

Rasjo took the plastic-wrapped item to his desk and later brought it to the attention of Pecenongan Chief Pande K. Widiasa, who opened the package and discovered the grenade inside. He removed the explosive and placed it in a flower pot.

Pande then contacted Gambir Police Chief Ida Ketut, who called in the police bomb squad (Gegana)

“It’s an explosive. So, the ones best set to handle it is Gegana,” Asep said as quoted by Tempo.

The results of the bomb squad investigation have not yet been revealed and police said they were still looking into whether the grenade might have been a form of terrorism.

During the last two terrorist attacks in Jakarta, late last month at the Kampung Melayu bus station in East Jakarta and in Thamrin, Central Jakarta, on January 2016, police officers were seemingly targeted by the assailants and police were among the casualties in both attacks.




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