​Plastic rice is real, as shown in this video of its production in a Chinese factory

Many Indonesians are alarmed about the existence of plastic rice, ever since a woman uploaded photos of supposedly synthetic rice on her Instagram two days ago. Our doubts about her claims seems to have evaporated after watching the video above. 

Granted, there isn’t any concrete information accompanying the video. Uploaded on May 13, the video, titled “Awas!!! Beras Palsu Buatan Negara China!!!” (Beware!!! Fake Rice made in China!!!), doesn’t offer more information about the production or where the rice is sold.

However, the video does clearly show a small production line in which strands of plastic gets turned into gooey translucent resin, which is then cooled and broken up to form grains of rice that are basically identical to the real thing.

Could it be possible that producing plastic rice is really cheaper than real rice? Well, from a business standpoint, even a small operation like the one shown in this video could prove to be more profitable in the long run, compared to growing rice in huge paddy fields.

Once again, we have no way of knowing if this particular factory in the video or any plastic rice producing factories in China are exporting their goods to Indonesia. But this video at least confirms that plastic rice is a real thing, and that we should pay careful attention to what we eat.

Note: There are claims from commenters on the video’s Youtube page that this video actually shows the processes of a plastic recycling plant. There are no concrete evidence to back either that claim or the plastic rice claim, but we’d just like our readers to be aware and wary of the plastic rice scare that’s going around the country lately. Be absolutely sure that what you eat is safe and healthy.

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