​MUI issues new fatwa stating homosexuality is punishable by death

We’re glad fatwas issued by the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) are not necessarily translated into Indonesian law. But the MUI’s latest fatwa adds to the social scrutiny homosexuals experience in the country.

The MUI issued a fatwa stating that homosexuality must be severely punished. The punishments they mentioned include lashing and even death.

Chairman of the Fatwa Commission at MUI, Hasanuddin A F, said the fatwa was issued to curb sexual deviance that could destroy the country’s morality.

“Sexual deviation like gays, lesbians, sodomy, and sexual harassment are haram and a big sin. They can be punishable by death,” Hasanuddin said, as quoted by Harian Terbit today.

Hasanuddin added that he asked the government to build rehabilitation centers for people to be “cured” of their sexual deviance.

While Indonesian law doesn’t prohibit homosexuality, some regions like Aceh have punished homosexuals in the past.

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