Man allegedly kills mistress for comparing him to her exes, later finds his wife with another man, stabs them both

Police carrying Fera’s body out of her house in Tangerang on Sunday. Photo:
Police carrying Fera’s body out of her house in Tangerang on Sunday. Photo:

The murder of 45-year-old Fera Yusika Sumarna, the owner of a noodle eatery in Tangerang, is making headlines all over Indonesia not just because of the horrible nature of her death but also because it uncovered a messy web of jealousy and betrayal.

Police recently arrested Fera’s employee, Jonny Setiawan, a married man who police say has been having an adulterous relationship with Fera for the past year. According to the police, Jonny went to see Fera at her home recently and got upset when she turned down his request to sleep with her. Jonny then flew into a rage when Fera compared him to her previous lovers during the pair’s argument, which he took as a grave insult.

“After (the argument), the suspect (Jonny) went to the kitchen to grab a knife and the victim (Fera) followed him while hitting him,” said Tangerang Metro Police Chief Harry Kurniawan, as quoted by Detik yesterday.

Jonny stabbed Fera with the knife and strangled her using a pillow, killing her.

After killing Fera, Jonny went to see his wife — with whom he reportedly had a rocky relationship — at their house, only to find her with another man.

“The suspect also has problems with his wife. His wife also has a boyfriend. After killing the victim (Fera), the suspect went to his wife’s house. His wife was with another man. There, he stabbed them,” said Jakarta Metro Police General Crimes Unit Director Nico Afinta, as quoted by Detik yesterday.

Both Jonny’s wife and her lover are said to be in critical condition.

After the violent series of events unfolded and police finally tracked him down to arrest him, Jonny told the authorities that he had gone into hiding since Fera’s body was found on Sunday. He first confessed to a relative, who told him to confess to teachers at a religious school. The police located and arrested Jonny at the religious school following his confession.

Jonny faces at least 20 years in prison for his actions.

Domestic violence continues to be a major problem faced by women in Indonesia. The Commission on Violence Against Women (Komnas PA) noted that out of 13,602 cases of violence against women in 2016 in Indonesia, 75% of them were cases of domestic violence.

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