Kid without driver’s license pees himself when police pull him over, cops post pic on Instagram as warning

Photo: @tmcpolrestabesbandung / Instagram
Photo: @tmcpolrestabesbandung / Instagram

It’s hard to imagine a scenario more humiliating than being caught by the police while riding a motorcycle without a license and promptly peeing on yourself out of fear.

One of the few ways it could get worse would be if the cops were to take a picture of you and your soiled pants and then upload it to social media as a warning to others.

That is exactly what happened to this Indonesian youngster, whose urine-soaked pants now adorn the official Instagram account of the Bandung Police (who were, at least, considerate enough to cover the boy’s face to save him from ultimate humiliation).

Ketahuan melanggar anak sekolah ini pipis di celana. Ketika petugas memberhentikan Anak sekolah sma yang kedapatan membawa motor di jalan seketika anak tersebut pipis di celana, entah memang kebelet pipis atau memang takut di tilang. . Bagi adek adek yang memang belum memiliki SIM alias surat ijin mengemudi jangan bawa kendaraan ke sekolah ya, lebih baik naik angkot kalo engga di antar sama orangtua. . Stop pelanggaran stop kecelakaan keselamatan untuk kemanusiaan. . @polisi_indonesia @polantasindonesia @ntmc_polri @ntmc_lantas_indonesia @pandowohendro @tribratanewsdotcom @polisijawabarat @divisihumaspolri @bidhumaspldjbr @polisi_wanita @tmcpolrestabesbandung @simrestabesbdg1 @polrestabesbandung @infobdgcom @prfmnews @infobandungraya @humasbdg #korlantas #korlantaspolri #polantasindonesia #polisiwanita #ntmcpolri #rtmcjabar #divisihumaspolri #tmcpolrestabesbandung #polrestabesbandung #infobandung #infobdg #seputarbandung #wargabandung #humaspolrestabesbandung #humasbdg #ditlantaspoldajabar #divhumaspolri #ridwankamil #simkelilingonline #satpaspolrestabesbandung #humaspoldajabar

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The caption to the photo reads:

Caught breaking the law, this school kid peed in his pants.

When the officer stopped this high school student that was driving a motorcycle on the road,  instantly the kid peed in the pants, either because he really had to pee or because he was really afraid of getting a ticket.

.For younger brothers and sisters who do not yet have a driver’s license, do not bring a vehicle to school, it is better to ride an angkot (public transport minibus) if your parents can’t give you a ride..

Stop violations stop accidents save humanity

While it was obviously wrong of the student to drive a motorcycle without a driver’s license, it also seems pretty messed up that the police took a humiliating photo of an officer pointing at the kid’s pee pants and then uploaded it to social media.

But, on the other hand, they did hide the student’s face. And perhaps his humiliation will serve as a warning to the multitude of other kids driving out there without licenses.

Underage driving is a huge problem here in Indonesia with far too many children driving themselves and others to school illegally on motorcycles each and every day while police generally look the other way. But even when they do stop underage motorists, there’s not much they can do to punish them since the law law is limited in how it can punish juvenile crimes (this is perhaps best illustrated by the case of popstar-turned-politician Ahmad Dhani’s son, who illegally drove a car when he was just 13 and killed 7 people in a horrific accident but went completely unpunished, as did his father who gave him the sports car he was driving).

Two years ago, a woman started an online petition to jail parents who let their underage children drive, after a kid on a motorcycle killed a 3-year-old boy in an accident. Though the petition has garnered a great deal of support, no such law has been passed.

So if this kid’s humiliation could possibly save somebody else’s life, maybe that makes it alright? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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