Jakarta ditches SIKM entry/exit permit for COVID-19 self-assessment

A road checkpoint at West Cikarang toll gate. Photo: Twitter/TMCPoldaMetro
A road checkpoint at West Cikarang toll gate. Photo: Twitter/TMCPoldaMetro

Those entering or exiting Jakarta are no longer required to present a permit at the capital’s points of entry, with honesty now apparently sufficient in determining whether or not one is a risk to the city’s quasi-quarantine measures.

Previously, when Jakarta enforced its Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) partial lockdown measure, those traveling into or out of Jakarta by road, rail, or air were required to present an Entry and Exit Permit (SIKM).

But SIKM, for all the concerns about its impracticality and ineffectiveness, has been replaced with the Corona Likelihood Metric (CLM), which was developed by the Jakarta Provincial Government to efficiently allocate testing in the city.

According to the Jakarta Transportation Agency, travelers can now take the CLM, which is basically a COVID-19 self-assessment, and answer a series of questions that may determine if they pose a transmission risk to their destination.

“They will be given a score that indicates whether they’re fit to travel or not. If they are, then they can surely travel. If they’re not, the system will recommend that they submit to testing and the system can schedule the testing,” Jakarta Transportation Agency Head Syafrin Liputo said today.

With CLM, travelers are also no longer required to present rapid or swab test results before entering or leaving Jakarta, which was previously a requirement under SIKM.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that all travelers will fill out the CLM honestly nor is there potentially anything holding them back from entering or leaving Jakarta despite the system declaring that they are unfit to travel.

You can take the CLM test here (in Indonesian).

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