Jakarta comes in 12th out of 12 in ranking of 4G mobile speeds in major Asian cities

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If you’re a Jakartan who has upgraded to a 4G phone in the last few years and are wondering why your connection is still so sluggish, you’re not alone.

According to the results of a 12-city survey of major cities in East Asia and Southeast Asia done by OpenSignal, a company specializing in wireless coverage mapping, Jakarta came in last in terms of overall average 4G connection speeds.

According to the company’s data from March through May (crowdsourced from users of their consumer app), Jakarta’s average 4G download speeds were 8.8 Mbps, well below those of Phnom Penh, which ranked 11th with 11.2 Mbps. Jakarta and Phnom Phen were tied in terms of average 4G upload speeds at 4.9 Mbps.

We’re not surprised to see Seoul and Singapore sitting pretty at the top of their survey with blazing fast 4G download speeds of 48.3 Mbps and 47.6 Mbps, respectively. But we were shocked to see Yangon near the top of the pack, beating out even Tokyo with an average 4G download speed of 27.2 Mbps. (The fact that Yangon’s 4G network is less than two years old is probably a major factor.)

Most of our other neighbors in Southeast Asia fell near the bottom half of the pack, but it still sucks to come in last (at least 4G is still relatively cheap here). If you want to get the most bang for your pulsa, OpenSignal’s latest Indonesia report from June says that Telkomsel has the fastest 4G download and upload speeds of any carrier, averaging 12.9 Mbps and 7.3 Mbps in each category, respectively.


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