Indonesian woman arrested after she allegedly stomped her husband in the crotch until he fainted

Photo: Illustration
Photo: Illustration

Police in the Indonesian regency of Probolinggo, East Java arrested a woman on suspicion of domestic violence, which allegedly involved her inflicting physical damage to her husband where it really hurt.

According to local police, last Friday, 30-year-old Nur Faida was having a heated argument with her husband, 34-year-old Syamsul Arifin, at their home.

“They fought about financial problems and suspicions of an affair. They often got into fights,” Probolinggo Police Women and Child Protection Unit Head Isyana Reni Antasari told Kompas yesterday.

Isyana then said that Nur punched Syamsul and pushed him down, with his head hitting the edge of a table on the way down. When he was lying on the floor, Nur repeatedly stomped on her husband’s crotch until he fainted.

Syamsul was taken to a local hospital, where he recovered consciousness and is on the way to making a full recovery. His family filed an official police complaint against Nur for domestic violence.

Police say they’re still investigating the case and have not filed formal charges against Nur. Under Indonesia’s Domestic Violence Law, physical assault by a spouse is a crime punishable by up to four months in prison if the victim does not sustain long term debilitating injuries, or up to 10 years if they do.

This case is not the only allegation of wife-on-husband assault to be reported in Indonesia this week. In Jakarta, police are investigating a woman on suspicion of domestic violence after she filmed herself beating her older husband with a walking stick, the video of which went viral. 

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