Jakarta woman films herself beating older husband with walking stick, police investigating

A Jakarta woman filming herself beating her husband with a walking stick. Photo: Istimewa
A Jakarta woman filming herself beating her husband with a walking stick. Photo: Istimewa

An extremely disturbing video showing alleged domestic abuse is making the rounds in Indonesia, prompting a police investigation into the matter.

In the video, a woman is seen screaming at her much older husband, who appears to be speech impaired from stroke, out of frustration that she has had to spend much of her time caring for him.

“Yesterday he defecated in his pants. I cleaned his pants. And then this morning he defecated again,” the woman said to the phone she had set down to film the incident.

The woman then took a quad cane and hit her husband with it a few times to his terrified screams. Amid the abuse, the woman said that she would be willing to divorce her husband as long as he gives her IDR1 billion (US$71,436).

WARNING: Disturbing content

Police say that the video was taken on Dec. 11 in Penjaringan, North Jakarta. The woman has been identified by her initials MFJ (35), while her husband has been identified as HT (64).

Police have admitted MFJ to a psychiatric hospital in Grogol, West Jakarta for a two-week mental evaluation.

“We are waiting on that. If it turns out that she has mental health issues, she can’t be criminally charged,” Penjaringan Police Chief Imam Rifai told Merdeka yesterday.

Imam said that HT suffered minor injuries from the alleged abuse and is now under the care of his family.

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