Indonesian Solidarity Party leader Grace Natalie reports Twitter user to police over accusation of affair with Ahok

Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) Chairwoman Grace Natalie. Photo: Instagram/@gracenat
Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) Chairwoman Grace Natalie. Photo: Instagram/@gracenat

An anonymous Twitter account using the handle @Hulk_idn (complete with an avatar of the green Marvel superhero) smashed the Indonesian Twittersphere after it made an explosive accusation about an alleged affair between former Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama and Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) Chairwoman Grace Natalie.

Over the past week, @Hulk_idn, whose Twitter feed is filled with wild conspiracy theories about the government, posted a series of tweets about Grace and Ahok’s alleged affair (which is especially cruel for Ahok since he recently got divorced as a result of his ex-wife’s affair).

According to the unidentified user, Grace met Ahok for an interview while she was still a journalist and they started an extramarital relationship. Through Ahok, Grace was connected to the “9 Dragons”, a shadow group of the richest Chinese Indonesians (who also apparently secretly back President Joko Widodo), who eventually gave her the funds to establish PSI.

Yesterday, Grace reported @Hulk_idn as well as another Instagram account for making the same accusations to the Jakarta Metro Police for defamation. She said that while she values freedom of speech, given that she was a journalist herself, the accusations went too far this time.

“For me this is also a worry as women who enter politics are still being treated this way. How can we expect an increase in female participation in politics if people make it seem like women can’t achieve, can’t enter the world of politics without selling their bodies?” Grace said yesterday, as quoted by Detik.

In retaliation for Natalie’s police report, @Hulk_idn today threatened to release a pornographic video featuring Ahok and Grace, to which Grace said bring it on.

“If Hulk fails to release the video, then it’s proof that his tweets are merely the work of fiction. Just like his fictional avatar. If by June 9, 11:11am Hulk doesn’t release the video, how about he change the Hulk avatar into a cute and pink Hello Kitty one?” Grace said.

PSI is a new party, founded by Grace in 2014. It is comprised mostly of young members who champion solidarity through religious and cultural pluralism as well as human rights, earning its reputation as, for better or worse, a liberal party of millennials.

PSI is going into its first election in 2019, and will back President Jokowi for his second term in office.

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