Indonesian Police arrest suspects behind alleged fake sick letter ‘syndicate’

When you really want to skip work today but you’re annoyingly healthy, who you gonna call? While many businesses and government offices in Indonesia require official documentation of illness from a hospital or doctor before granting sick leave, as with so many other things in this country, for the right price you can find somebody to help you skirt those rules.

At least, you could (and probably still can, you’ll just have to look harder). The Indonesian police say they have arrested the culprits behind a suspected fake sick letter “syndicate” in Jakarta, who could produce a legitimate-looking letter indicating your illness for a reasonable price.

The Indonesian Police’s Head of Sub Directorate II of the Criminal Investigation Department, Commissioner Asep Safrudin said the criminal operation marketed their product on Instagram with the profile name @suratsakitjkt (Jakarta sick letters) and a blog. Three of the people suspected to be behind the scheme have been arrested.

Asep said the investigation began when the Ministry of Health learned about the sick letter service through social media. Based on the evidence they found, the commissioner said around 50 letters were ordered per day at a cost of IDR25,000 – IDR50,000 (US$1.87 – US$3.75) and their customers included employees and students. They have been charged with selling illegal services over the internet and for impersonating medical practitioners and could face up to 5 years in prison.  

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