Indonesian newspaper Kompas offers discount as apology for ‘lorem ipsum’ misprint gaffe

Photo: Twitter/@ipimaripi
Photo: Twitter/@ipimaripi

Ah, lorem ipsum, the bane of every complacent copyeditor’s existence.

Kompas, one of Indonesia’s oldest and most respected national newspapers, committed a serious editorial faux pas when putting together their July 10 edition, which contained the dummy text used to fill template layouts on its frontpage.

It didn’t take eagle-eyed netizens to notice this misprint:

Kompas today. Chased by deadlines so still lorem ipsum

Some might say print journalism is dead, but Kompas’ marketing team certainly isn’t. To make up for the gaffe, the newspaper owned up to the mistake and offered a 30% discount on their digital paper and books.

Sadly, the promo was only available yesterday. That said, if you missed it, you can still track down yesterday’s edition of the paper and sell it as a collector’s item featuring the rare mistake by the journalistic institution (unless this was some kind of elaborate viral marketing trick, in which case we’ve all been played).

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